No Sleep Til BOOKlyn!

June 9, 2010

Get Involved in Band:Smart – No BS!

We are closing down for a week.  No phone calls.  No emails.  We are isolating ourselves to finish Band:Smart – the more band-centric sequel to Tour:Smart.

We are calling in the troops!  Editors, graphic designers, layout experts, illustrators, editors, chefs (hey, we need to eat), the grammar police.  Redbull has already delivered a whole truckload of product – we’re not stopping until this book is finished!
Keep us on track or very nicely, deliberately off track.   Here’s some stuff that we need.  If there’s something unusual you can do for us, we are open to anything that moves this ever increasing mound of knowledge closer to being finished.  Martin just keeps adding to it!
All supporters get their name in the W2 (without whom) page in Band:Smart.

Click the donate button.  Enter your donation amount.


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