10 Ideas for Making Your Show an Event

September 8, 2010

4. Apply the ‘get in free if’ model.

Offer the opportunity to “get in free” if a specific action is followed.  This can be anything from frivolous crap to a community-based change for the better effort:

  • Get in free with… four cans for the food bank
  • Get in free if… you wear purple (Prince tie-in)
  • Get in free if… you bring an instrument for the local school
  • Get in free if… you are a complete idiot (Prince tie in)

In 1970s pre-punk rock England, children of striking miners were allowed in free to concerts upon showing their fathers’ union cards. Solidarity with the masses!

But be careful.  In a misguided attempt to inject some risqué, burlesque-ness into a Pigface tour I mistakenly did this (see left). We offered free admission to the first 10 girls dressed like our topless, gun-toting poster girl.  It didn’t work. The only two Pigface fans willing to turn up at a show topless with tape on their nipples were two dudes in Los Angeles.

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