Something New to the Tour:Smart Blog!

February 23, 2011

Get excited Ladies and Germs! From this moment on we will be throwing something new into the Tour:Smart blog. Something so great, even I’M excited. Something that you can be a part of. Something so cool even your grandmother is going to read this shit. THAT is how great it is.

Martin says that any band on the road for more than a week is going to be brimming with ingenuity and tricks, both real and mental, simply to keep things straight on the road. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some bands share those things with the rest of us?

Here’s how this hoopla is going to go down:

Every few weeks or so (depending on how many entries we get), we’re going to be blogging about different bands. That’s right. YOU could be featured on our Tour:Smart blog. Everyone makes mistakes and even when you think everything is great, something is bound to go wrong. Especially when you’re on the road with a band. We want to hear about your experiences and strategies. This is your chance to show everyone that you’re not only a badass musician, but that you can hold your own on the business side of things as well. If nothing else, show your parents that your college degree is paying off!

Maybe your band is unbelievably innovative. Maybe one of our books has helped you. Maybe you have some good advice on touring. Maybe you found a different use for our book and want to tell us (Seriously. This guy used our book as firewood during the fucking blizzard that KILLED the Midwest last month. Crazy shit!). Maybe your band is terrible and you have absolutely no talent but can bullshit well enough to convince us that you belong on here. Or maybe we just like you.

Not in a band? Not a problem. If you’re checking out our site, chances are you go to concerts or know someone in a band or at least listen to music. Are artists you listen to doing something different than everyone else out there? We want to hear about it.

Finally, everyone has a brain that they want to pick. Here’s your chance. If you had the chance to interview your favorite band, what would you ask? Send us some questions and we’ll throw them into the mix when we do our interviews!

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