Martin Atkins = Indie Music Space's Jesus


I saw you at the Chicago Networking 101 event and I laughed so hard, I almost peed myself! Thanks so much for your insight.

Angel Birr

Your session was wildly entertaining and incredibly informative, and is one of the best panels that I have ever attended.

Gregg Bell
Wanted Management

Thanks again for making the trip to Halifax for the Pop Explosion. Your talk was fantastic. The first standing ovation for a key note in the history of Pop Explosion.

Ryan Smith

The Conference this year was the most well-attended in the five years we've been running it. And that's the first time I've seen a keynote get a (well-deserved!!) standing O. Your talk was entertaining, informative, and best of all, useful!!

Josh White
Halifax Pop Explosion Association

Western civilization needs you.... You are brilliant.

Howard Bloom

Best guidance I've seen for emerging musical artists. It is brutally honest, remarkably wise, and extremely helpful.

Cool Tools

Heard you were fantastic! Jim Riswold thinks you are a bloody genius. Who am I to argue. Wish like hell I could have been there!

Dan Wieden
Wieden + Kennedy

Best Panel at SXSW 2010

Caine O'Rear
American Songwriter

I just (finally) finished the book and loved every bit of it. I think it should be required reading for every event planner on earth, not just music!

Andy Sernovitz

One of the best books on the logistics and strategy of street, local and band marketing

Seth Godin
Seth Godin

“One of the best student presentations I have heard in 17 years at WIU”

Jim Kenny
Professor of Marketing, Western Illinois University

“Having been a part of seminal bands like Pigface, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Killing Joke, Public Image Limited, when Atkins talks about the business of music, people listen”

Richie Corelli

“A vital repository of hard-learned lessons and essential pointers.”

Terrorizer (UK)

“Four Stars! One of the year’s essential books.”

Record Collector

“The bible of touring”

Goldmine Magazine

“The best book ever written about touring (and more).”

Greg Kot
Chicago Tribune

“Four Stars! The ultimate touring manual….”



Joel Selvin
Senior Pop Critic, San Francisco Chronicle

“Martin Atkins is the best speaker on the planet”

Paul Natkin
Chicago Music Commission

“The first two day seminar was $400 - I got my money’s worth in the first five minutes”

2005 Seminar Attendee

“Thank you for keeping even the most sleep deprived of us awake and paying attention at NMS! Your power point was over the top!”

Tom Silverman
New Music Seminar (CEO, Tommy Boy Entertainment)

“With their chic spectacles and slick audio-visuals, [Jarvis] Cocker and [Martin] Atkins joined a list of rockers who have made the transition from the stage to the lecture circuit, including David Byrne, Lou Reed and Brian Eno.”

Greg Kot
Chicago Tribune

“Martin Atkins emanates aggressive wit and wears his punk-rock DIY street cred on both sleeves. He is deeply funny — but don’t let the entertaining presentation fool you. He has serious insight into the psyche of the performer. If you want to go out on tour and come back with some of your dignity and sanity intact, listen to this guy.”

Dr. Mike Jolkovski
Psychologist & Consultant to musicians

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