Give a shit and buy a fuck: Martin Atkin’s new Kickstarter project for Band:Smart

May 10, 2012

Check it out HERE

“Genius idea” – Nemesis to go live journal

“Martin Atkins is running probably the best Kickstarter campaign ever…..hilariously brilliant!” Jagoff

“Not just your average Kickstarter campaign.” – Indie Ambassador

Just for watching the video, you can get a FREE copy of my second book: Welcome to the Music business, You’re Fucked.

I like that Tour:Smart has made a difference – but I’ve been asked a LOT over the last few years on the road – why not create another book that starts at the very beginning of an artists journey?

Over the last few years I’ve been working on making Band:Smart as good as I can get it ( in its 71st revision) it addresses all aspects of being an artist, from starting out all the way through creating the entity (whatever it is); through the first shows, the writing, the recording, the packaging, the merchandising, the problems, the labels – why / why not, the people, the ups, the downs, and the ins and the outs (that wasn’t a sex reference until I made this comment) kind of like a d.i.y. bible, a d-i-why-ble?

The establishment, the labels, academia, the old school, the old guard, the what-evers……fuck ‘em – and there’s the most important fuck of all.

Whatever it takes……




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