Tour:Smart and break the band by Martin Atkins

You should fail because your band is shit or because you don’t have the balls. You shouldn’t fail because of a lack of some basic advice and a bit of planning. Your music, your band, might be important to some people, very important to a few, mildly important to a few others, but it should never be more important to anyone that it is to you. Apply that principle to everything. It is ugly. It is difficult because there are so many things that need to be watched and nurtured. But at the end of the day, even if you are totally justified in being blaming a bad agent who booked you in the wrong club or a slacker manager on a tour where the only thing blown was your cash, it your band, your music and YOU that will going to suffer the worst consequences.


What better person than you to navigate the dangerous waters ahead as you steer your unique vision through the shallow streams of compromise and the deep oceans of sell-out? Tour:Smart will help you avoid the wrecks of ambition as you head towards the constantly moving “X” on the tissue paper treasure map. We will help you know when a random collision of events is creating an opportunity or danger, whether to go for it or blow your nose on it, crash on the rocks or grind them up and snort them.

Tour:Smart is a stained glass reflection of what it takes to tour successfully and make it – whatever that means. It is part basic knowledge, part math, part poetry, part alchemy, and part understanding that each and everyone of the limitations placed upon you by terrain, physical distance, your bank account, head, heart, and your willingness to choose to ignore the things that stand in your way. In pulling all of this apart over the last 30 years, I reached a delightful conclusion: it is only the people who are prepared to risk everything that will be rewarded.

The book and the site are designed to aide you in your journey.

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